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Sustainable Development Goals: Unbound Initiative

Nothing better than coming back from a week long, well deserved holidays, and get to know that in two hours you will be hosting a bunch of university students from Australia coming from all types of backgrounds.

Your mission? Effectively present the organisation and its inner workings, the environmental policies we’re working on, how we try and lesson our carbon footprint, i.e. what we do to maintain a sustainable business operation. But not only that, no. In addition, we’re also working on the social side of things, such as community development. Exposing our philosophy, ideas for progress, and challenges was exactly what they needed to further their own missions.

Indeed, what you need to know about the traveling youngsters, is that they all took off together with projects in mind: how could they possibly help young people with disabilities integrate society? How could they provide hope, motivate them to ovecome the barriers they currently faced and grow?

Now doing this anywhere else than their home country made sure to provide them not only an opportunity to see the rest of the world, but to open their eyes to the realities of it too.

After quite a bountiful lunch, great ideas were exchanged, facts checked and myths busted, while of course keeping a growth mindset – there’s no real setback, only lessons to learn from and grow.

All in all, both sides spent an amazing and may I say, enlightening few hours together, and we at Donkey Bakery wish all the best to these kind souls, willing to go above and beyond to leave the world a better place.

PS: it’s only now, looking at pictures that we’ve realised what this initiative is all about… check out the following link to know more about the United Nations Sustainable Development Study Tour these amazing students were on!