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Homemade products now available at Donkey Bakery

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We are super proud to introduce our new range of homemade products originally made by our chefs at Donkey Bakery.



You want to cook a healthy and delicious meal for your loved ones but tired of all the meticulous preparations.

  We provide you a wide range of choices for a lovely meal.

Pumpkin soup (500 ml) 100.000 VND

Carrot and Ginger soup (500 ml)

100.000 VND
Sweet potato and red chilly soup (500 ml) 100.000 VND
Pappardelle (300 gr) 70.000 VND
Gnocchi (400 gr) 80.000 VND
Salmon Ravioli (300 gr) 90.000 VND
Bolognese sauce (350 ml) 90.000 VND
Tomato and Olive sauce (350 ml) 100.000 VND

* Note: Each of the products above is packaged as servings for two.