What can you add to grilled cheese?

Avocado slices, tomatoes, caramelized onions, spinach, arugula, mushrooms, zucchini, and peppers work well. 6. Fruit can also work well with a grilled cheese–such as thin slices of apples, pears, strawberries, peaches, or kiwi. Even dried cranberries, raisins, and currants are great options.

How can I make my cheese sandwich better?

Five delicious ways to improve a cheese toastie

  1. Sour dough. Melt butter in a pan and fry some sourdough. …
  2. Greasy spoon. Fry slices of white bloomer in foaming butter. …
  3. The nacho. Put sourdough bread in a pan of foaming butter. …
  4. Green pesto. Spread pesto on two sourdough slices that have been fried in butter. …
  5. The BBQ.

How do you step up grilled cheese?

Try adding on any of these:

  1. Caramelized onions.
  2. Sauteed mushrooms.
  3. Roasted red peppers.
  4. Spicy peppers (we’re particularly fond of made-in-Portland.
  5. Kale (it will get all wilty and delicious as the sandwich cooks).
  6. Fresh tomato slices (it’s the key to this insanely good recipe from.
  7. Anything you might put on a pizza.

Does Mayo go with cheese?

Accept no substitutes. Oh … and, of course, every cheese sandwich needs a dollop of mayonnaise. For moisture, for slick mouthfeel, for a little vinegary tang.

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What else can you put in a cheese sandwich?

Add some extras, if desired, then the last slice of bread.

  1. Add cooked, sliced or crumbled bacon on top of the cheese.
  2. Place a slice of ham on top of the cheese.
  3. Sprinkle dried herbs, such as basil, oregano, or rosemary, on top of the cheese. …
  4. Add slices of tomato and cooked bacon.

What nutrients are in grilled cheese?

Nutrition information (per serving)

  • Calories: 310.
  • Total fat: 15 g.
  • Saturated fat: 8 g.
  • Cholesterol: 40 mg.
  • Sodium: 540 mg.
  • Total carbohydrate: 30 g.
  • Dietary fiber: 6 g.
  • Protein: 16 g.

Can a grilled cheese have meat?

This is because, when it comes to food — particularly in Western culture — meat always gets top billing. And it is worth saying that a good ham and cheese sandwich can be as good as it gets in the world of sandwiches, but it’s still a ham cheese. … But if you put meat on it, don’t call it a grilled cheese.

What is best cheese for grilled cheese?

What is the best cheese for grilled cheese? We use a combination of medium cheddar, gouda, and Havarti cheeses, but you can use just one type of cheese. Monterey Jack or even American cheese also work.

Is mayo or butter better for grilled cheese?

The ingredients in storebought mayonnaise have a higher smoke point than butter, which means your grilled cheese lunch is more foolproof. You can cook the sandwich over (slightly) higher heat for a crisper exterior and fluffier interior. … Mayonnaise is also way easier to spread across your bread.

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What can I use instead of butter for grilled cheese?

5 Best Substitutes for Butter in Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

  1. Eggs. What is this? …
  2. Olive Oil. Using olive oil in your grilled cheese will make the sandwich much healthier than using regular butter. …
  3. Mayo. …
  4. Margarine. …
  5. Bacon Grease.

What is a British cheese sandwich?

A cheese sandwich is a sandwich made with cheese on bread. … A Guardian article called the cheese sandwich a “British lunchtime staple”. Using a sandwich toaster or frying pan can transform the cheese sandwich into a cheese toastie.