Why the temperature of boiling water does not change even if you continue heating it?

The temperature of boiling water remains constant even if heat is being supplied because the supplied heat is utilized for producing steam. This heat is called latent heat of vaporization as it does not increase temperature of either water or the steam.

Why does the temperature of water not change while it is boiling?

Originally Answered: Why doesn’t the temperature of boiling water change as heat continues to be added? The temperature remains constant because the energy added goes into the escaping steam, and not into the temperature of the water.

Why does temperature remain constant when water boils?

During the boiling of water the temperature stays constant while heat is supplied continuously. It is because the heat provided by the water particles is consumed, and this heat increases their kinetic energy.

Does temperature of boiling liquid increase/decrease or remain constant even though the heat is continued?

The temperature remains constant during boiling of water even though heat is supplied constantly because all the heat energy provided is used up in changing the state of water from liquid to gaseous water vapour.

Why boiling does not occur in closed vessel?

Because boiling always occur when the pressure inside the liquid greater than the atmospheric pressure or outside pressure and in closed vessel, the pressure of the liquid gets equals to that of outside pressure or sometimes less than the outside pressure and boiling wont get possible in such conditions.

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When water boils its temperature increase or decrease?

The correct answer is remains constant. When water is boiled, its temperature does not change until it has completely changed into the vapour state. This is because the heat which is supplied is used in changing the state by overcoming the forces of attraction between the water molecules.

Why does the temperature remain constant?

It is due to the latent heat as the heat supplied to increase the temperature of the substance is used up to transform the state of matter of the substance hence the temperature stays constant. Hence the temperature remains constant as all the heat is used up and no external heat is released or absorbed.