How do you eat fries with ketchup?

Enjoying French Fries with Condiments and Sauces. Eat your french fries with ketchup. The most traditional way to enjoy French fries is with ketchup. You can dip your fries into the ketchup or squeeze some over a pile of fries, depending on your preference.

Why do people eat fries with ketchup?

There are reports of early adopters dipping their fries in ketchup from as early as the late 1800s, but the trend didn’t take off in America until the 1940s. As the popularity of fast food restaurants grew, so did the desire to dunk our fries in that tasty red sauce.

Do you dip your fries in ketchup?

Ketchup has been labeled as THE condiment for fries. Ketchup with fries is as expected as the sun rising in the morning. Ketchup makes sense, though. It is a nice tangy chilled sauce to go with your warm fries and a pinch of salt (or, if you are like me, a lot of salt).

What country eats french fries with ketchup?

French fries in Thailand are usually served with either tomato ketchup or chili sauce.

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How do Americans eat their fries?

The most common way to eat fries in the U.S. is with ketchup, although that may be because restaurants rarely offer any other choice. There are plenty of other toppings, including cheese, chili, hot sauce, barbecue sauce, onions, ranch dressing, and the sauces used in other nations.

Who started fries with ketchup?

Although sauce composed of a mixture of equal parts ketchup and mayonnaise appears in a New Orleans cookbook published in 1900, fry sauce was originally popularized in the United States by a chef named Don Carlos Edwards, who served it in his first restaurant, Don Carlos’ Barbecue in Salt Lake City, which eventually …

How do you properly eat ketchup?

Strange But Good: 7 Ways to Eat Ketchup

  1. Make a dip for French fries, potato chips, or grilled cheese: Mix it with mayonnaise, horseradish, or with a hot sauce like Sriracha—or any combination of these things—and dunk away.
  2. Swirl it into yogurt or cottage cheese. …
  3. Eggs love ketchup and ketchup loves eggs.

What do you dunk fries in?

23 Dips That Take French Fries to the Next Level

  • Mayo + Sriracha. The creaminess balances out the spiciness.
  • Guacamole. Not just for tortilla chips.
  • Spicy Mustard. Colman’s is a must-try.
  • Ranch Dressing + Buffalo Sauce. On their own, these dips are incredible. …
  • Hot Sauce + Honey. …
  • Barbecue Sauce. …
  • Caramel sauce. …
  • Duck Sauce.

Why do the French hate ketchup?

In an effort to promote healthful eating and, it has been suggested, to protect traditional Gallic cuisine, the French government has banned school and college cafeterias nationwide from offering the American tomato-based condiment with any food but — of all things — French fries. …

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How do the French eat french fries?

When French-fried potatoes accompany finger foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, or other sandwiches, eat them with your fingers. Table manners for eating french fries with other foods. At other times, cut them into bite-sized lengths and eat with a fork.

Why do people dip fries in mayo?

Most of them are made out of mayonnaise, which goes better on french fries because its thick, milky texture soothes the tongue so much better with a hot fry than the acidic bite of ketchup. Mayonnaise is perfect for dipping, sticking to the fry like a fatty, eggy lollipop.

How do Germans eat french fries?

French fries usually called just Pommes. In Germany, French fries are generally eaten with mayonnaise but are also eaten with ketchup like in the US. Pommes rot-weiß means fries covered in both ketchup and mayonnaise.