Vegetables Information

1. Rau Muong or Morning Glory

Scientific name : Ipomoea Aquatic

Time Cultivation : It can be grown throughout a year. It is better to harvest morning glory after sowing from 20 to 30 days. It is sown once, but harvested many times, the time lenght between 2 cultivations is 18-21 days.

Benefits: Help reduce fat, heatstroke; good for kids and pregnant women; recover body after illness; make laxative.

Common dishes : boil; fry with garlic (with seasoning) and beef

Chemical Substances for 100 gr:  1.9g-3.2g protein, 1.9-3.5 of carotene (8 times more than in tomatoes), 7-28 mg Vitamin C (more than in tomatoes), 0.1 mg vitamin B1, 0.09 mg vitamin B2, 0.7 mg vitamin PP, 100 mg calcium, 37 mg phosphorus, 1.4 mg iron…


2. Rau Ngot or Sweet Leaf or Katuk

Scientific name : Sauropus androgynus (L) Merr

Cultivation Time : all year, but the best in the rainy season, by cutting stems or picking leaf. About 2 months after planting, we can harvest it for the first time. It can be cultivated after 25-30 days.

Benefits : Retain placenta after giving birth or abortion; foster health after giving birth; reduce summer heat

Common Dishes : make sweet vegetable soup (cooked with seasoning or with port or beef) and fresh juice,etc.

Chemical substances per 100 gr: 0.16g lysine, 0.13g metionin, 0.05g tryp-tophan, 0.25g phenylalanine, 0.34g threonine, 0.17g valine, 0.24g leucine, and 0.17g izoleuxin.


3. Mong Toi or VN Spinach or Malabar Spinach

Scientific name : Basella alba L.

Cultivation Time : Grown mainly in spring and harvest during the summer. It is sown from March to May and harvest from May to September.

Benefits : Lower cholesterol; heal wound; good for bones and joints; nourish beautiful skin; treat self-burning, cool and detoxify body; support breast feeding process.

Common Dishes : make soup, eat leaves, cook with jute vegetable or crab powder.

Chemical Substances per 100 gr : 8000 IU or 267% Vitamin A per day, little fat and calories (10 calories for 100gr). Appropriate if you want to lose weight.

4. Bi Do or Pumpkin

Scientific Name : Cucurbita pepo Cucurbita moschata

Cultivation Time : Grown all year, depending on soil and water conditions. In dry season, it is grown between  November and January, and harvested in March-April. It also can be grown between May and June and harvested between August-September.

Benefits : Good for high blood pressure, hepatitis, obesity, diabetes…

Common Dishes : pumpkin soup with lean pork, or with green beans, or fried dishes…


5. Sweet Potatoes

Cultivation Time : all year. After seeding 70-80 days, they can be harvest.

Benefits : Reduce acne; improve the state of night blindness, lack of milk, kidney damage, back pain, fatigue around knee

Common dishes : boil, fry with garlic

Chemical substances per 100 gr: 91.9 g H20, 2.6 g protein, 2.8 g carbohydrate, 1.4 g cellulose, 48 mg calcium, 54 mg phosphorus, 11 mg vitamin C.