Our Supporters & Friends



SES Senior Experten Service (Germany) : SES supported Donkey Bakery in the first vocational training programs for our bakers. We were taught how to make sourdough bread according to old German traditions. www.ses-bonn.de


PUM Netherlands Senior Experts (Netherlands) : the PUM supports Donkey Bakery in regular vocational training programs for baking and cooking. Our bakers have learned numerous Dutch specialties.   www.pum.nl


Australian Volunteers  (AYAD, VIDA, ABV) (Australia)during the period 2010 and 2011, Donkey Bakery received support from the Australian Volunteers for International Development. The focus of this support was in capacity building activities for Donkey Bakery in the fields of marketing, sales, accounting and kitchen training. www.volunteering.austraining.com.au


Cominasia (Vietnam) : we thank COMINASIA for their donation of the installation of the 3 phase electricity infrastructure for Donkey Bakery.  www.cominasia.com

hanoi international Fellowship

HIF Hanoi International Fellowship (Hanoi, Vietnam) : HIF is a continuous supporter of Donkey Bakery and its social responsible mission. http://www.hif.vn/



Wouter de Graaf Banket Bakker (Netherlands): In 2013 Wouter de Graaf made a generous donation of new bakery equipment to Donkey Bakery. This new infrastructure helped Donkey Bakery to develop new products and                                                                                                             services. www.wouterdegraaf.nl

Dutch Embassy in Hanoi : the Dutch Embassy in Hanoi and especially the Ambassador Joop Scheffers has been a strong supporter of Donkey Bakery and its social responsible mission. http://www.hollandinvietnam.org/

Venezuelan Embassy in Hanoi : Donkey Bakery thanks the Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Mr Rondon-Uzcatequi for the support he has given to Donkey Bakery’s mission.

Mr Eelco Houwink (the Netherlands) : we thank Mr Eelco Houwink for his supporting activities for Donkey Bakery.

Tilly en Alber Waaijer Fonds (Netherlands) : the TAWF supported Donkey Bakery in 2013 for expanding its business.