Our Team

Donkey Bakery is committed to fostering an environment that nurtures valuable life skills to empower each individual with a stronger sense of confidence, independence and greater opportunities for now and the future.

 We have currently over 15 people working at Donkey Bakery.

    • 85% in Donkey Bakery
    • 15% for the clothes brand LShell

Our employees are our greatest asset – we cannot thrive unless they do.
That’s why we’re committed to create a great place for our employees to work and flourish.

As per our social mission, 50% of our staff is hearing, visually or physically impaired, and come from disadvantaged communities.

Our hiring process doesn’t include reviewing official qualifications. We look at one’s character, values and motivation to learn and grow. We then train them with the necessary technical skills to succeed in our business operations.

Skills included are:

    • Baking
    • Customer Service
    • Book -keeping
    • Relationship- building skills
    • IT management skills