Our Philosophy

Our Vision

“A socially responsible business that provides excellent service with inclusive employment.”

Our Mission

Business Mission

We aim to provide you with with the most delicious and healthy home-made style meals, high quality gourmet breads, donuts, cakes, sandwiches and other international specialties at best value for money.

Social Mission

It is our mission to cultivate a sustainable social enterprise ith at least 50% of our team being people with disabilities, at all levels of the organisation.

We wish to show that our business model is viable and successful. We pursue to be one of the pioneers and and living examples of a socially conscious venture in Vietnam.

Our Values

Our company’s operating principles are based on social and human ethical and ecological values.


Have the courage to let go of certainties. Innovation is the ability to see change as an apportunity, and not a threat.


Strive to help unlocking people’s potential to become a better version of themselves.


Sharing is caring – everyone should be able to participate and contribute to our common cause. One can only do so much alone, it is in numbers that strength lies.


It’s our passion that empowers us to be able to do things we were created to do. Passion is the force that unleashes creativty: if you’re passionate about something you will be more willing to take risks.


If we take matters into our own hands and do not limit ourselves to our conditions, through our own decisions, if we carefully learn to do certain things, we can accomplish anything.