Our Farm

Bought in November 2015, the farm is located in Hoa Binh, on Saint Joseph Hill. A picturesque monastery sits nearby, overlooking the many mountains and glittering river following its course in the valley below.

Where before only an old shed stood are now a variety of amenities:

  • A traditional house on stilts that serves as a guest house
  • The caretakers’ house
  • Worm composting facilities
  • Kitchen and bathrooms

Produce grows there whole-year round, from traditional Vietnamese to some Western staples, and of course, following the seasons. The produce is then used in our own operations, from restaurant to school canteens. All produce is grown and tended to without chemicals or pesticides, and use of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) is prohibited.

Tea is another of those things that we grow in Hoa Binh. Outfitted with the right facilities, tea can be entirely processed on location, from picking to drying out the leaves.

Long-term plans for the facilities have already been set in motion – our final goal? Ecotourism. People would be able to come to the farm and enjoy the peace and quiet away from the city for a weekend, all while nourishing their bodies with crops grown from the same land and picked the same day. What’s not to like?