A Brief Overview

Forget everything and anything of what you know to be a traditional bakery. And I mean, EVERYTHING.

While having started as Donkey Donuts, we gradually grew to include bakery, café and restaurant. Our bakers have been trained with the utmost care under the supervision of a German Master Baker, whom specifically came to Hanoi to help us out.

Knowledge in culinary arts is however continuously fine-tuned and perfected throughout a variety of programs our bakers and cooks attend throughout the year, which turns out to be both a success for them, and us.

 Introduction to Farming

But that’s not all, oh no. In the first half of the second decade of this millennia (simply stated, between 2010 and 2015), a few things happened.

So this integrated supply chain, in short, the Farm to Table concept, makes sure that you are taking care of your body by nourishing it with fresh, healthy, GMO and pesticide-free produce.

A Social Enterprise

Of course, we win here too – not only do we get your business, your feedback and our company, we also get to create employment for young people with disabilities. You didn’t know? It’s never too late! Read up on it here.

The Triple Bottom Line – Sustainability and Us

Is that all though? Nope, still not. Bear with me for a little while longer. You should by now be familiar with the issues that plastci straws present. No? It’s a graphical example, but it’s what has been going around for the last few years, so watch what plastic does to creatures of the sea… As a result, we have decided to go plastic free. Read up on our sustainability policies here!