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September 8th, 2014: Donkey’s Blind Team Members, Hoa and Hoan, Go to Thailand for Eye Examination

If you are a frequent visitor to our Donkey Bakery shop and cafe or you often call our hotline for delivery orders, you may be familiar with Hoa and Hoan. They are our phone operators here at Donkey, and they are blind. This hasn’t inhibited them from providing excellent service to our customers, however, because both Hoa and Hoan have impeccable listening skills. With their ability to listen with intent to understand and their perceptive awareness of situations, they both have been great assets to our Donkey team. Their customer service skills as well as their approach in providing insightful advice to our team members have allowed our team to grow stronger as a whole. Without a doubt, they are exemplary role models within Donkey Bakery.

Last week and a half, Hoa and Hoan accompanied Luyen Shell, co-founder of Donkey Bakery, to Bangkok, Thailand where they met with doctors from the eye department at BNH Hospital. With no charge for medical services, the doctors meticulously examined their eyes to learn more about their eye conditions and to know if there was any likelihood for cataract surgery recovery. Although the eye examination did not end in favor for both Hoa and Hoan, they were finally able to understand the history of what had happened to their eyes…

With gratitude, Hoa and Hoan are both very appreciative to the medical staff at BNH Hospital for providing VIP treatment in and outside of the hospital. Not only were they treated with the highest quality of medical care, the Vice Chairman of BNH Hospital and his family even took Hoa, Hoan, and Luyen out for a night on the town! They spent a wonderful evening at O’Reiilys Irish Pub where they listened to the Bangkok Beatles tribute band all night, while the staff at O’Reiilys provided complimentary food and drinks! The entire Donkey team would like to give our most sincere thanks to BNH Hospital for taking care of two very special people in our hearts, and to O’Reiilys Irish Pub for giving them an extraordinary night out in Thailand.

And in order to truly show the kind nature of Hoa and Hoan, here is the English translation of what they had to say to all those who had supported them before their departure to Thailand:

“Both Hoan and I know that it is very difficult for us to have good results in our eyes. But this opportunity is a good chance, and although this opportunity may result in unfavorable results, we remain hopeful.  No matter the outcome, we both want to give our many thanks and to express our deepest gratitude as much as we can with our words to you and to others who are willing to help

We thank all of the compassionate people who had supported Hoa and Hoan, and like the sentiment of our two blind team members, we remain hopeful for the future.