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Hanoi School Canteen Services

Our objective is to raise awareness of a healthy diet and good nutrition to the children, and of course, to provide excellent Hanoi school canteen services!

Donkey Bakery also provides catering in international schools in Hanoi.  We are proud to serve healthy food prepared under hygienic conditions.

Our food is prepared according to a “home style” principle.  We have a wide menu pulled from all corners of the world, as well as Vietnamese specialities.  We avoid the use of GMO based vegetables and MSG.  We limit the amount of oil and sugars, and do not use trans-fat in our cooking.  We also minimize the use of processed goods by making our own tomato sauce, pasta, soup broths, etc.

We improve our services everyday, thanks to the children and teachers’ feedback. We are very proud of what we have accomplished in each school so far, the children are more and more focus on what they eat and on the nutrition problems. We won’t stop here and we are diversifying our service through different activities.

We are now serving lunches at the following:

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