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August 4th, 2014: Fired Up in the Kitchen!

On August 4th, American chef Gian Carlo Reinardy officially joined our Donkey team as our new Head Chef.

For the past 16 years, he has been working in the restaurant industry where he has been a Head Chef in restaurant management for the last nine years. We are absolutely thrilled to have his years of experience as a chef, and his tremendous passion for all things delicious make its way into our kitchen.

Chef Gian Carlo first became involved when he volunteered at Donkey Bakery supporting the canteen staff for several weeks where he felt like it was a very unique, gratifying opportunity to combine his experiences as a chef and his love for volunteering. He chose to come back to Donkey Bakery because of our vision and mission statement as a socially responsible company, and the fact that he really enjoyed working with the Donkey team!

Here is what chef Gian Carlo had to say about what he will bring to Donkey Bakery:

“What I am most excited about bringing to Donkey Bakery is my experience in modern restaurant procedures and frameworks. I have been working in restaurants for the majority of my life and have focused on guiding restaurants during their largest growth periods. So, the expansions in Donkey Bakery’s plans are very much what I specialize in.  I will be excited to work with all the many positive assets of Donkey while introducing more modernized and systemized procedures, and educating the work force on the policies for sustainable restaurant success and safety.”

And here at Donkey, we believe that a great culinary chef is someone who is a great cook — and someone who’s creative. This is why we are also thrilled to announce a whole new Cafe menu helmed under Head Chef Gian Carlo, where his combination of experience, creativity, and delicious flavor profiles will fire up our kitchen.

We can’t wait to share our exciting, new menu with you, so stay tuned!

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July 26th, 2014: A Huge THANK YOU to the World Race Volunteers!

July 26, World Race 2For the month of July, a group of US volunteers from the World Race Organization had joined us here at our headquarters! Five days a week, they taught different level English classes for all interested staff, hosted a hands-on summer school (which included art and baking activities!) for children of staff and community members, and shared their cooking skills and knowledge of international recipes in the Donkey Bakery kitchen. These special volunteers even did everything with contagious smiles that spread quickly through our team!

In 11 months, they will have traveled to 11 countries to serve a community through volunteer work. Volunteering at Donkey Bakery has been their seventh month in the field, and we feel incredibly grateful to have had them with us these past weeks.

Here is what the volunteers had to say about their experience volunteering at Donkey Bakery:

“We are on an 11-month trip going to 11 different countries and we are now in month 7. Our team was placed at Donkey Bakery and it has been a month of favor. We each had a part to play so that there was interaction in all aspects of the bakery. Whether it was in the kitchen, teaching English, working with customer service or behind the scenes, we all had a place.

Coming into the month we were all excited for what was in store for us; I mean, it’s a bakery so who wouldn’t be happy, right? There was something for everyone and it’s safe to say we all thoroughly enjoyed being there. Working with deaf, blind, and other disabilities forced us out of our comfort zones and brought a whole new perspective in the way we interact with people. We have seen firsthand that anyone is capable to have a job. So many times we look down on those with disabilities and think that they aren’t capable to complete a task like any ‘normal’ person, but Donkey Bakery has proven them wrong.

We count it a blessing to have been able to be a part of this amazing business and we will take a piece of it with us. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work alongside the staff of Donkey Bakery to teach them what we know and to learn from them as well.”

-Team Radical

Their support and time has left a huge impact here at Donkey, and we would like to give them a huge thank you!