Our Philosophy

Vision and Mission

In addition to providing vocational training to our staff (baking, customer, service, book-keeping, IT, management skills), we support and develop our team by encouraging personal growth. Donkey Bakery is committed to fostering an environment that nurtures valuable life skills to empower each individual with a stronger sense of independence, confidence and greater opportunities for now and the future.

In developing countries, people with disabilities are typically among the poorest of the poor with limited opportunity to fully participate in society. Donkey Bakery is cooperating with other non-profit organizations to encourage other businesses to provide employment to people with disabilities thereby facilitating their integration into society and improving their life in general.

The team at Donkey Bakery aims to provide you with the most delicious, high quality gourmet bread, donuts, cakes and sandwiches. Your support of our business is a direct contribution to the development of opportunities for young persons with disabilities.

Our Vision is a socially responsible business that provides excellent service with inclusive employment.

Our mission is to be a shining example of a sustainable social enterprise by consistently providing high quality food to customers whilst still delivering on our social responsible mission. We wish to prove the business community that our model of social enterprise is viable and successful. We pursue to be one of the pioneers and living examples of this model in Vietnam.

Our Values